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Show me a unicorn

How often in business does an opportunity of guaranteed return on investment occur? Not often we’re thinking! How about an opportunity that is guaranteed to return profits within 6 weeks of project commencement? This offer sounds about as real as a unicorn…

Many business owners know what this unicorn is… but few recognise its true value. We’re talking about ISO9001 accreditation. ISO9001 was designed to maximise business profitability by reducing waste occurrence through double handling, down time, and overall low productivity. The problem with lost money is that it is often unseen. With ISO9001, we know where to look!

When we speak to clients for the first time, the lack of familiarity with the benefits of ISO9001, often results in a negative response. In truth, this accreditation process is the surest investment that any business will ever make. ISO9001 is not a mythical tale of imaginary businesses who have accidentally improved their bottom line and taken the lead in their industry. There is no fiction in the success of business owners we have worked with to grow and improve their business. And there definitely is no accident in our success.

A strong business is one which has identified processes required to operate efficiently. This requires people of flexibility as well as responsive governance which will highlight risks and opportunities in advance. Governance within the organisation is an area that we often find lacking in small and medium businesses. When we speak of governance, what we’re talking about is the use of data to inform executive business. Through effective governance, a business can withstand many pressures relating to business neglect. To read the data is one thing, to successfully interpret that same data is critical.

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