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At Accuratus, we firmly believe that people are so much more than simply resources within a business. There is growing evidence that positive working environments contribute to business success, therefore see HR consulting as an essential business tool. Our approach is to work with business owners to develop a workplace where people feel fulfilled and valued.

Our people approach

The work-force is forever changing. People care not only for remuneration but for a sense of value and belonging.  Employers who fail to see this change are inviting critical risk into their business practices. Accuratus applies a contracting process which breaks from traditional hierarchical employment models and creates agreements for employers which are centred around partnership.

Research shows that people need people.  We are a coexisting interdependent society. When supported by the right environment and provided with all the elements to support growth, people will bring their best version of themselves to work each day.  Investing in people, in turn, encourages people to invest in the business.  Together with people, the business is destined to achieve great things.

Accuratus implements a work culture which aligns people to business values. We assist employers to create an authentic culture where people are genuinely engaged in the successful delivery of the business and enjoy being a valued part of strategic direction.

Accuratus delivers fit-for-purpose recruitment, on-boarding, induction and training. We provide analysis to identify employment opportunities and ensure employees are correctly operating in accordance with their job description. This approach saves our clients money every time.

A performance review can be equally daunting for both management and employee. Accuratus will support businesses to deliver performance feedback. We will also provide coaching to management on how to communicate with clarity and facilitate honest, open discussion.

Our team will ensure that employee remuneration is fair and appropriate with market expectations. We will handle the entire employee contracting process on behalf of our clients and conduct regular audits to verify compliance.