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Interdisciplinary business services; the model of smart business

Accuratus is an interdisciplinary business services company. But what does this mean? If you are looking at a business holistically, it is a sum of many parts. Those parts consist of management including strategic planning and governance, marketing, legal, HR, operations, technology, and finance (as a minimum). Within a large organisation, the overhead model funds professionals to fill these roles.

What happens when you require support across each of these functions and the overhead funding doesn’t allow for it?

In the past, the answer has been to ‘wing’ it, go without, or pay through the nose to engage support from various specialists across each of those areas.

Accuratus offer another solution. We provide an integrated business services model that provides all the support any business requires to grow and increase the bottom line. Within Accuratus, we offer business growth solutions for small and medium business owners. One of the biggest challenges of owning your own business is the time to get everything done. If time is not available, the decision to hire is generally the next course of action. The decision to increase any indirect business costs, most notably in an unstable economy, is not one that should come lightly. Onboarding a new employee will require an investment in advertising, CV screening, interviewing, training; during this time, productivity is also low as training takes place. Besides, if the person does not work out within the first 12 months, the cost of replacement is placed between 6-9 months of the annual salary.

At Accuratus, we are a group of trained professionals who hit the ground running from day one. There is no downtime as we charge based on deliverables. For SME, this means a guaranteed 100% productivity return for outlay. This provides a sharper competitive edge in the market to our clients.

Simply put, SME business owners are busy. All of the energy goes into operational delivery, meaning even the best of businesses are left heavily exposed. A business is like a child. It needs management and support. In the early days, the support is quite intensive and can cause burnout and eventually, failure. In the latter days, when growth occurs without the right foundation in place, the business may survive, but chances are that thriving will be a continuous struggle that drains the energy of the owners and directors.

Accuratus deliver strategic planning. Strategic planning is supported by data-driven decision making about the allocation of effort and finances. Our clients have managed to grow their business to 7 figures while maintaining the reduced cost of overheads. The reason being is that funds are allocated where the best return will be achieved, and owners are 100% supported to achieve their goals.

One of the most significant benefits of an inter-related services model is that decision making made with consideration of the business as a holistic model, rather than a single function. Our approach to business management support is strategic rather than functional delivery. While we offer the functions as individual services and can support business requirements such as payroll, financial reporting and governance; our focus is on short and long-term growth function to achieve a strategic objective. Meaning an HR division does not need to be running 100% of the time.

The values of this for our clients is in savings. Activating sections of business support based on timing means that our clients are offered substantial savings in what would otherwise be outlaid as salary costs. In many cases, the cost of one management professional is all that all client is required to pay for the support of 8-10 professionals.

Education and strategy are at the foundation of Accuratus, however, our skills and services reach far beyond that. Even if your business is unsure of its needs, a consultation can often be the first step in understanding both your potential and your goals. Contact us via our website or email to speak to one of our team, before long you’ll have a fully realised business model that’s both profitable and expanding.

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