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Business continuity; are you ready for what happens next?

Many businesses simply don’t plan on how to continue if faced with a catastrophic situation. Out of those who have planned, it is highly likely that many would have prepared for a global pandemic. But the fact of the matter is that it is here. Whether it was planned for or not, it is going to be incredibly tight for many businesses to cover overheads, let alone survive. While we are also concerned about the global situation, there is a positive that companies can take advantage of which may save their bacon. When there is downtime, use this as an opportunity to get business processes and procedures humming.

One of the biggest concerns that face business when we are looking at improving operations and creating solid growth foundations is time. To put in a robust business process takes time and resources. If the business is faced with potential downtime, investing in solidifying the business may seem like a strange approach to take. It isn’t.

Business is quiet, can we afford it?

There are several positives that come out of giving your business the time it needs on management, governance and systems. The processes behind business design often reveal several opportunities that the company previously couldn’t see. Accuratus not only work with business owners on growth, but we also focus on saving business when it is in crisis. Since we are often faced with a crisis, our processes and methods are designed to look for risks. Risk is both negative and positive. Our approach to positive risk (opportunity) is to exploit; our approach to negative risk is to turn it into an opportunity. There is often an opportunity, and it is about knowing where to look.

How can we design processes when our business isn't running?

Business design is a top-down process. We start at the top to address the strategic direction and critical business requirements. This means looking at the business holistically and delivering a design that will deliver on the vision. During this quiet time, to invest in the top-level management plans, policies and processes mean that the business will be ready for front line staff to assist with the development of procedures in a few months.

Will this save my business during COVID and potentially a global recession to follow?

Our approach to business is that we determine what can be done, the feasibility of success, and whether the owner has the drive to move forward. Our gap analysis will look at any untapped areas that can drive revenue. Since we focus on global data, emerging technology and innovation, we often find new potential revenue streams that can enhance the existing business offering.

The benefit of working with Accuratus is that we are an inter-disciplinary team of business professionals from all functions of management. Our team of professionally experienced and qualified individuals has the necessary experience to drill down into the detail and create a realistic picture of the future. While a global pandemic or recession is not what anyone in the world wants to experience, there is an opportunity to use this time wisely and make your business bigger and more durable when the time comes.

As always, Accuratus is looking beyond the present and we are actively seeking businesses who can benefit from our range of skills. Contact us via our website or email to discuss where our team’s support can help you now, for your future’s sake.

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